Missha Korean Skincare Haul and Reviews

Missha Korean Skincare Haul and Reviews

Hi, loves!  Today, I’m bringing you a review of the products from my Missha Skincare Haul!  Missha is a hugely popular Korean Skincare brand I adore.  So when they had a 50% off sale on some of their bestsellers, I couldn’t resist placing an order.Missha Korean Skincare Haul and ReviewsI give Missha props for including some free sheet masks.  I didn’t expect the additional gifts so it was a pleasant surprise.Missha Korean Skincare Haul and Reviews - Sheet MasksI’m the first to admit I am no skincare expert, but I do know what works with my skin and what doesn’t.  I’ve used the following products for about two months and the following reflects my personal experience.  Results may vary person to person 🙂

  1. Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone-Up Lotion – Retail Price $28 – Buy here

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Tone-Up LotionWhitening lotion treats dull and uneven skin tone for a brighter complexion… Helps control oil to water balance for healthy and vitalized skin… Absorbs without stickiness for moist and supple skin (  I love everything about this packaging from the pretty blue ombre to heavy glass bottle.  It feels very luxurious.  I haven’t seen a dramatic difference in brightening, but it does make for a nice, lightweight everyday moisturizer.  Overall Rating: 7/10 stars.

2. Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence – Retail Price $39 – Buy here

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment EssenceThe First Treatment Essence improves fine lines and skin tone. The miracle water hydrates, restores, rejuvenates, and gives you a glowing complexion (  Essences are one of those products I am not sure makes a difference, until I remove it from my skincare routine.  This essence is very watery, lightweight, and absorbs quickly.  It doesn’t dramatically whiten my acne scars (the search continues!), but I see a huge difference in evening the overall texture.  When I wake up in the morning, I can see the skin is more smooth, plump, and radiant after overnight usage.  This is my third bottle and I will continue repurchasing.  Overall Rating: 10/10 stars.

3. Time Revolution Borabit Ampoule – Retail Price $36 – Buy here

Missha Time Revolution Borabit AmpouleUse the essential Activator Ampoule daily in your nighttime routine to get smooth and firm, beautiful skin.  It provides your skin with extra nutrients and moisture lacking from your basic skincare.  The Ampoule energizes, repairs, and restores elasticity.  It also provides wrinkle repairing and whitening benefits (  This serum has a slightly sticky consistency, similar to the CosRX Snail Essence, if you’re familiar with that milky texture.  It feels lightweight, absorbs quickly, and lightly tingles for about a second after application.  I’m not sure if those are the ingredients working, but it doesn’t irritate my skin.  I haven’t seen much of a difference in whitening, but can update again, once I’ve finished the bottle.  Overall Rating: 7/10 stars.

4. Time Revolution Clear Toner – Retail Price $15 – Buy here

Missha Time Revolution Clear TonerUse the Clear Toner right after cleansing to hydrate your skin and wipe off impurities and dead skin cells.  It soothes and purifies to help create smoother, softer skin. The mild formula gives a gentle and refreshing exfoliating care. The facial toner also prepares skin to absorb the ingredients in the following steps of your skincare routine (  This was a generous free gift with purchase, which I appreciate.  I have not had the chance to put this to the test as I’m still working my way through my jumbo Mario Badescu Toner, so please stay tuned 😉

5. M Perfect Cover BB Cream – Retail Price $22 – Buy here

Missha M Perfect Cover BB CreamBB Cream with outstanding coverage hides flaws for a perfect complexion… Wrinkle Care, Brightening, UVA & UVB Protection (  This is still my favorite BB cream of all time.  I rock this BB Cream on days I’m not wearing foundation, which are most days.  It gives great coverage while providing skin benefits, such as lightening my dark spots.  It never clogs my pores and I genuinely feel my skin looks better after I’ve used it during the day.  My only gripe with this product is the lack of deeper shade selections.  I alternate between No. 29 and No. 31 and those are the darkest shades they offer.  Other than that, I love this product and have repurchased it numerous times.  Overall Rating: 10/10 stars.

Have you tried any of these Missha products?  What are your favorite Korean skincare recommendations?


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